Home Pool Essentials

Home Pool Essentials

 (includes downloadable handbook) 

Residential pool and hot tub owners appreciate having a basic understanding of pool/spa operation and safety. What better source than the American Red Cross and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Proceeds from this course support your local American Red Cross Chapter.
Pool builders and hot tub retailers often transition the pool/spa to the new owner with some training. The HPE course is an ideal way to help the homeowner learn how to operate, prevent accidents, and prevent damage to the pool/spa that can avoid a warranty claim. Many builders use this third-party training program as a risk management strategy to prevent “failure to warn” claims.
Pool and hot tub owners can access the course for six months and print out the 32 page resource guide/book.

Pool and hot tub owners will learn:
• The basic types of equipment and what they do
• The most common water problems
• Unique features of hot tubs
• How to make the pool/hot tub area safer for your family and guests
• The main elements of an emergency action plan
• Three emergency action steps
• The safety equipment that should be in the pool/hot tub area

For more information, go to www.HomePoolEssentials.org

Expected Completion Time: 2 hours