Basic Respiratory Protection

The goal of this course is to ensure users are qualified and properly trained in the use and maintenance of respirators.

Expected Completion Time: 30 minutes

Requirement References:
• 1910.134 – Respiratory Protection: Personal Protective Equipment

• Identify types of respiratory hazards and possible effects, either acute or chronic.
• Recognize how engineering and administrative controls are applied to minimize or eliminate personnel exposure to respiratory hazards.
• Identify the criteria used to select appropriate respiratory protection.
• Recognize the types and limitations of air purifying respirators.
• Identify advantages and disadvantages associated with using air-purifying respirators.
• Recall the three respirator qualifications, which must be in place before donning a respirator.
• Recognize basic respirator user training requirements.
• List conditions, which could interfere with the seal of a respirator.
• Identify maintenance and storage requirements for respirators.
• Select correct responses to emergency situations a respirator user could encounter while performing work activities